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Hockey Player (Big Kids)
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Now that your babies have become big kids, that doesn't mean they don't want the lightweight comfort of our keepsake blankies! These Giant Keepsake Nap Blankets are exactly like our keepsake blankies, except in an extra large size just for your big kids! ...And we won't say anything if you sneak it away for a nap or two yourself.

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  • Keepsake blankie made with thick and luxurious material (86% Polyester, 12% Rayon, 2% Spandex)
  • Satin-trimmed
  • 55" x 40" 
  • Personalized with one name or two
  • Machine washable and will not fade 


    Let your child drift off to dreamland on one of our cuddly soft minky pillowcases! Make bedtime extra special by including his name on this awesome Hockey Player pillowcase.

    Keep the meaningful personalization of Chinasecurityblog with you as he grows into his big-kid bed and dreams big dreams of the future that God has for him!

    ❤️ Front and Back made from furry, soft, cozy fabric called Minky Fur. The edge is trimmed in satin.

    ❤️Pillowcase measures 28″W x 20″W for a standard sized bed pillow.

    ❤️Ideal for kids of all ages!

     You have long loved our swaddle blankets, but now those babies are growing up!
    Keep the meaningful personalization of Chinasecurityblog as you transition from swaddling your baby, to snuggling on the couch with your big kid!
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